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Pay bills online with confidence through your mybank.Lk online statement wallet.

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Reduce paper and save costs with simple e-payments and e-statements.

Convenient and Secure Online Bill Payments

Convenient and secure online bill payments for citizens to increase collections and productivity.

About mybank

mybank is a Payment Service Provider for Sri Lanka that offers Online Bill Payment Accepting facilities for Sri Lankan Online Merchants. At mybank we intend to break the online bill payment barriers in Sri Lanka & introduce new perspectives to accept bill payments online to empower Sri Lankan enterprises to grow their online businesses, ultimately empowering the eCommerce Industry in Sri Lanka.

How mybank works?

It’s simple but awesome. Whenever you accept a payment, mybank securely charges the customer on behalf of you & the charged amount gets transferred to your mybank Account, from which you can withdraw the payouts anytime to your bank account. We have established strong partnerships with local banks & telco networks which has made us possible to charge your customers on your behalf.


mybank Solutions

Payment solutions designed for everyone

Whether you are a small business who sells products online via a facebook page or a fully established business who sells products or services via a custom made eCommerce website, we have a secured payment solution specifically designed for you.

Let your facebook audience directly pay you from your facebook page by placing mybank Links under each of your item posts.

Simply install a mybank Shopping Cart Plugin to your eCommerce site. Plugins available for OpenCart & all major shopping carts.

Embed mybank Checkout buttons to accept payments on your website. Receive payment status back to your website to process orders.

We’re now launched as Live beta!

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